In 1986, our brand MARRUECOS 1986 , currently MARÓC , was born as a family business founded by Fernando Franco Quintero and María Floralba Cárdenas Garzón, husband and wife. Since our beginnings, we have been characterized by the use of selected raw materials, which are processed through traditional and artisanal techniques of local production for the production of fine leather goods.

Since the inauguration of the brand we have diversified the product line, introducing bags, jackets and footwear.

We are continually working to make our business model sustainable . Our leathers come solely and exclusively from the food industry; and a high percentage of our production is vegetable tanned. All our small leather goods products are the result of a UPCYCLING process, we recycle all waste from the production chain.

At MARÓC , we are committed to being socially responsible , all our production is manufactured entirely in Colombia . We firmly believe in the value of our people , in family value; We want to be the tool to fulfill dreams, because together with our clients, collaborators and suppliers we will go further.

MARÓC has an urban, versatile and functional style to be used on all occasions.