The benefit that the National Government grants to all Colombians through Law 2155 of September 14, 2021, applies to all our products (clothing category and its accessories) that do not exceed twenty (20) UVT - $760,080 COP. Does not apply to gift vouchers.

To access the benefit, the customer must make their purchases on March 11, June 17 and December 2, 2022, paying with debit and credit cards, cash payment (only in physical stores) and PSE in our Online store from 01: 00 to 21:00 hours on the days in question. A maximum of 3 units can be purchased per transaction or customer. Only one transaction per customer in all our physical and online channels.

DOES NOT APPLY FOR PAYMENTS BY BALLOT, EFFECTY, VIA AND ITS NETWORK. Orders with these payment options will be automatically canceled .

Purchases must be made during the opening hours of our physical stores and in our virtual store. The price advertised in our physical stores on the product labels includes VAT, but the benefit of the exemption will be seen on the purchase invoice.

The prices published on our website already include the VAT reduction. The delivery of the products, purchased through our online store, will take place 5 to 10 business days following the purchase of the products, in any case it will be carried out no later than two weeks following the date of preparation of the invoice. . Shipments to stores are temporarily unavailable.

Orders that do not comply with the law will be canceled and returns will be made in accordance with our exchange and return policies. You will be contacted by email to inform you of the cancellation.

As it is a day with special legislation, for changes on days other than those covered by this law, the client must assume the value of VAT paying it as a surplus, unless it is made on one of the days covered by the benefit.

In the event of a guarantee or exchange request that requires a refund, and a new purchase is made, the new purchase will not be covered by the exemption, unless it is made on one of the days covered by the benefit.


Applies to all items in the catalog at the URL during the validity period or while supplies last and accumulates with other promotions. In case of lack of inventory, MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS. may suggest to the consumer the delivery of a substitute product, maintaining the same level of promotions initially offered. In the event that the customer refuses to accept the delivery of a substitute product, the refund process will proceed under the terms and conditions of operation of the website.




For products purchased during the Days without VAT, our current exchange and return policy will apply. As it is a benefit that is granted by the National Government on specific days, for changes within the period for this purpose, the value paid will be recognized, without VAT, and the difference must be paid as a surplus.

To make the change you must bring your invoice or certify with your document number the purchase in any of the stores, within 30 calendar days after the date of delivery of the product.

If we do not have availability of the product to make the change, we will proceed to refund the price you paid on the invoice for this product and to the same payment method you used.

Remember that, for exchanges and returns, the product must be new, unopened, unused, with all its original packaging, accessories and labels attached to it.

For the days without VAT decreed by the national government, in our stores the exchanges and returns of products purchased prior to these days of the days without VAT will be disabled.


To return products, you have 5 calendar days after the product delivery date.

Products that do not qualify for our exchange and return policy: products that have been modified, gift vouchers and cleaning products.


You can make the return by taking the product to the closest Morocco1986 and Maroc Store in Bogotá, or by contacting WhatsApp 3106998366.

First we will receive your product and verify that it is in the

required conditions and then we will begin the process of returning your money according to the terms and conditions for returning your money.

For money back: See general refund policiesHERE


Be a natural person. Invoices will not be made for legal entities.

Provide full name and identification document.

Make the payment in cash (applies only to stores) or through credit, debit, PSE or PIN card (e-commerce).

The benefit proceeds for a maximum of three (3) units of the same good covered and sold by the same person responsible (Merchant), regardless of the channel through which you make your purchase, be it a physical store or E-commerce (Virtual).

In accordance with paragraph 4 of article 39 of Law 2155 of September 14, 2021, orders that are made through virtual channels on the day without VAT designated by the national government will be reviewed in order to verify that the number of units acquired between the platform and in the different channels, do not exceed the three items of the same covered good on which the VAT exemption benefit operates. Once verified that the benefit applies to your purchases, within 2 days following the day without VAT designated by the national government, MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS, will confirm your purchase by email, otherwise, within the aforementioned dates, the will proceed to inform you about the cancellation of your order and the money will be returned in accordance with the return policies, which are published on our page.