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If you purchased in our Online Store you have these two options:

If you want to exchange any of our products purchased in our Online store, you can do it in two ways :



In any of our physical stores , presenting the purchase invoice or the buyer's ID with the order number, to verify the date of said transaction; Within a period of no more than thirty (10) ten calendar days, after the date on which the product was received, proof of delivery issued by SERVIENTREGA will be verified. The product must meet all the conditions to be exchanged, it must not show signs of use and/or deterioration, it must have the original packaging and labels.

You can visit our stores:

Gran Estación Shopping Center local 2-70

Santafé Shopping Center local 2-63

Salitre Plaza Shopping Center local 2-45

Local Palatino Shopping Center 2-01

Titan Plaza Shopping Center local 3-49



    During the next ten (10) business days after delivery of the product. You can write to us at: to receive instructions on how to proceed. Additionally, you must send the product in perfect condition, unused; to the following address:


      Av. Calle 26 No. 62-47 Gran Estación Shopping Center Alfiles LOCAL 2-70

      Bogota Colombia

      TEL: 3001326

      IMPORTANT: For exchange or withdrawal, the product must be in perfect condition, unused, with complete original accessories and in the original packaging. As soon as we receive it, we verify the conditions of the item and in accordance with compliance with the aforementioned, we will proceed to make the change.

       The exchange of the product takes two (2) business days to be sent after receiving the exchange product by MOROCCO 1986, applying the same times as the initial delivery. (If it is not in stock, it can be exchanged for products that are in inventory in the store, of the same price or greater value of the purchase, if the excess of the value of the new product is paid ; as long as it is within the times stipulated for the change).

       Promotional or discounted products have no change. Custom products have no exchange.

      Right of Withdrawal or Return

       In accordance with the provisions of article 47 of the Consumer Statute (Law 1480 of 2011), the maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal is five (5) business days, counted from the delivery of the good or the moment in which that the customer receives the product. In accordance with the indicated regulations, the product must be returned in the same conditions in which it was received by the client, that is, the product must be in perfect condition, with the respective labels, labels, accessories and its original packaging.

       To access the right of withdrawal, it applies only to non-face-to-face sales, Online Store or WhatsApp, you must take into account the following:

       The owner of the purchase must send their request to our customer service area of ​​MORRUECOS COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS to the within the term indicated above.

      1. In the event of returning the product invoking the right of withdrawal, MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS must receive the product in perfect condition. 

        Av. Calle 26 No. 62-47 Gran Estación Shopping Center Alfiles LOCAL 2-70 Bogota Colombia TEL: 3001326 with which the obligation to return it will be understood to be satisfied (in this case the freight will be borne by the customer).

      2. The refund will be made as dictated by our policies, and is described at the bottom of this document.

      In the event that the right of withdrawal is used, the contract will be terminated and the money that the consumer has paid must be refunded, without making any discount or withholding, and within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days to The money refund.

       In accordance with the aforementioned regulations, contracts for the supply of goods made in accordance with the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized, accessories and cleaners, and contracts are exempt from the Right of Withdrawal, and in accordance with the corporate purpose of MORRUECOS COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS. acquisition of goods for personal use.

       Money Back

      1. It will only be effective in the cases described below: the right to retract or return the item within five (5) business days.
      2. When payment is in cash, it will be made through bank transfer and will take five (5) business days after receiving the product with compliance with the requirements stipulated above.
      3. When payment is made by credit card, MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS will request PAYU LATAM, who in turn will request a refund from the bank with which the payment was made or from the online intermediary for internet payments, the refund of the amount paid. of the product to be returned. The bank must refund the purchase holder's card quota according to the deadlines defined by each banking entity. This process may take 30 business days after the return is approved.

       Payment Reversal

       If your purchase was made through our website , and was made through electronic payment methods, debit card and credit card, you may request payment reversal in accordance with the provisions of Article 51. of Law 1480 of 2011 within five (5) business days following the date on which you became aware of a possible fraudulent or unsolicited operation, or that you should have received the product and did not receive it or it was received with defects, or that corresponded to a product other than the one requested.

      Users who proceed to request the Reversal in bad faith will be sanctioned by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

       In order to manage the reversal of payments, you must send an email, before the expiration of the terms mentioned above, to: . and you must take into account the following:

      • The application must be submitted by the owner of the financial product, without prejudice to the provisions of Decree 587 of 2016.
      • The payment reversal is valid only when the acquisition of products is made through electronic commerce mechanisms such as credit card, debit card or any other electronic payment instrument on the Internet such as PSE, Call Center or by telesales or online store. It does not apply to payment methods: Efecty, Baloto, Referenced payment (in banks) and Payment on delivery in cash. For electronic means of payment, the person responsible for returning the money in the event that such an event occurs is at the expense and order of your bank.
      • As indicated above, the product must be in optimal condition and will be delivered to Av. Calle 26 No. 62-47 Centro Comercial Gran Estación Alfiles LOCAL 2-70 Bogota Colombia 

        TEL: 3001326 with which the obligation to return it will be understood to be satisfied.

       2. EXCHANGES AND RETURNS POLICY FOR SALES IN PHYSICAL STORES . Only applies to purchases made at our sales points in Bogotá in the shopping centers: Gran Estación, Palatino, Salitre Plaza, Santafé and Titán Plaza.

      Changes due to various events to warranty or withdrawal:

      1. Check the good condition of the purchased products before leaving the store.
      2. For changes, it is essential to present the invoice or ID of the purchaser to verify the purchase date.
      3. If the product is a gift, the exchange ticket must be presented to make the exchange. With this exchange ticket; The exchange will be made for products subject to Inventory availability at the time the request is made and the product or products must be of the same price or greater value than the purchase, if the customer cancels the surplus of the product.
      4. Morocco Colombian Leather SAS only accepts the exchange of its products for sales in physical stores within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of purchase as long as they are in perfect condition, unused, with the packaging and their original labels. When requesting the exchange, we make it for products that are in inventory in the store, of the same price or greater value of the purchase, if the customer cancels the surplus product .
      5. Discounted or promotional products do not have exchanges or returns. (No exchange ticket is provided).
      6. Bonds or exchange tickets will not be redeemed in whole or in part for money.

       Product returns

      • You have five (5) business days from the date of purchase to make returns, after that time they are not accepted.
      • The value paid for the returned items will be refunded in the same way in which the payment was made.
      • For cash payments, it will be transferred to the account indicated by the buyer within a maximum period of 5 business days, after the return is approved and the product is received.
      • For payments with debit and credit cards, the bank will refund the card quota according to the deadlines defined by the card issuer for these cases.
      • Morocco Colombian Leather SAS reserves the right not to return the product if the product is not in perfect condition, unused, with complete and original accessories in the packaging.


      Our Guarantee, applies to products purchased in our network of stores and at, only covers products due to defects in materials and manufacturing. The warranty times for our products, counted from the date of issuance of the purchase invoice, are:




      1 MONTH


      2 MONTHS


      3 MONTHS


      MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS carry out repairs on products that present defects in materials and manufacturing.

       Our warranty does not cover damage caused by mishandling of the product such as: scratches to the skin due to contact with rough surfaces; stained with other substances such as dye, perfumes, creams, greases, oils, solvents, dirt and contact with other materials such as jeans, carpets, floors, pencils, etc.; exposure of the product to water, especially rain; exposure of the product to high temperatures or the sun. It also does not cover natural deterioration of the product due to use or damage caused by misuse. For light-colored leather products, be especially careful with contact and rubbing with darker surfaces to avoid deterioration. Maintenance carried out by personnel other than MORRUECOS COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS voids the warranty , as well as damage caused by inadequate repairs and cleaning. MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS does not make modifications to its products.

       Footwear :

      To make the guarantee effective on our footwear, it is important to take the following into account:

       Delicate product. Our footwear is not designed for heavy duty work or use in extreme conditions.

       In addition to what is mentioned in the COMMERCIAL WARRANTY, it does not cover as a guarantee:

      Rips, scratches, breakage of materials, as well as parts that make up the shoe such as heels, soles, lids, zippers and other shoe accessories caused by natural deterioration or misuse of the product. The presence of grains, wrinkles, marks, changes in color, tone and textures that are natural to the leather. Folds or roughness caused by the bending of the instep.

      To receive warranty service, the customer must bring and deliver the product in optimal hygienic conditions to any of our stores in Bogotá, filling out the format available for these cases. It is essential to fill out all fields, including the email address for future notifications if necessary.

       The fact of starting the guarantee process does not imply its acceptance, it will be subject to the technical review that establishes that there is no cause for rejection. MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHERA SAS will evaluate the product, and if it meets the terms of the warranty, it will proceed with the repair.

       Within the warranty period , MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS will repair or replace, at its discretion, defective parts within a reasonable period of time in accordance with Law 1480 of 2011 without charge, using new or rehabilitated spare parts. If within the product warranty period MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS establishes that the product cannot be repaired, the customer can make the exchange for an existing product in the store's inventory, of the same price or greater value of the purchase, if the Customer pays the surplus of the product.

       This guarantee is additional and does not affect the rights recognized to the consumer by current legislation.

       TIMES: The time established to respond to the request for warranty processing is fifteen (15) business days from the day the product is received in our stores. The legal deadline to resolve the accepted warranty processing request is thirty (30) business days from the day the product is received. Note: Each warranty case is different and the time may vary. If the claim is resolved before the maximum period, it will be notified through the email that the client provides and authorizes to receive notifications and communications.

       After-sales maintenance

       MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS , performs post-sale maintenance (after the expiration of the warranty or an accident) on our brand products at an additional cost , as long as the repair is possible. For footwear, no change of covers and soles is made; In this case, go to your trusted shoe store.

      MOROCCO COLOMBIAN LEATHER SAS reserves the right to modify its exchange or guarantee policies . For more information visit our page .